Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010


Up early! Shower, coffee, and reading. Dropped Trey off at school, and hit Starbucks. Once I got to work, I really had to kick it in gear! I had two different meetings today, and Thursdays are by far my busiest days of the week! I cruised through the morning, and the headed to In The Raw in Bricktown to meet my good friend Clark Mitchell for lunch! Clark and I were inseparable for our late teens and early twenty's, but we hardly see each other anymore.... He is the pastor of the largest church in Norman, and with that does a lot of traveling. Lunch was great! I had a portabello roll, and small ITR salad. Back to work, to get the weekend stuff ordered and ready to go. I had to pick mom up at 2:45 and take her to a doctors appointment in Norman. We did not see the doctor until 4:30. By the time we fought traffic back to Edmond it was too late to make class at the gym, besides the fact I am exhausted, and broke down! I ordered a couple of pizza's and Sherrie made salad. We ate and have been doing homework with Trey since then! OK.... Sherrie has been doing homework with Trey and I have been watching College Football!

Love you all!


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