Saturday, January 1, 2011

Friday, December 25th, 2010


Happy New Years Eve! I woke up at 2:12 with leg cramps and did not go back to sleep until after 4:30am. I got up at 6:00 and started my morning rituals. I woke Trey up at 9:00 and ask him if he wanted to run errands with me. We had several stops to make and then I stopped by work for a bit. I did 4 hours worth of work in about 45 minutes. We met Sherrie and her friend Stephanie at Ted's for lunch... It was good but I only ate two bites.... The serve giant portions and I don't know why I don't share. We came home and I started Cleaning camera equipment, and then took an hour nap. Sherrie got home a little after 4:00 and we left at 5:00. We got to the chapel and I did some shots of the outside, and then inside. When the wedding party came in it got crazy for a couple of hours and then we all headed over to Charlestons for dinner. There were 20 of us, and I continued to take pictures. Dinner was great, and the couple turned out to be awesome. I am sure we will work with them again. They are actually having another ceremony in Florida later in the year. Sherrie had a glass of wine or two, and when we got home she was asking me to make the bed quit spinning! She might have had 3 or 4 glasses of wine... What a light weight!

Love you all!