Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27trh, 2010


MMMMOOOOONNNNNDDDDAAAAYYYYY!!!!! So I woke up this morning with a swollen tongue, cheek, and horrible mat burn on my chin. That all happened when Mike Giroux head butted me at the gym yesterday! I know it was an accident, but I am dying! I worked on pictures for a while this morning, before I cleaned the whole house. Work was fine.... Monday clean up! Not too bad! I had a spicy chicken sandwich at lunch and it made me sick. Sometimes I can eat spicy, and sometimes it makes me sick.... I came home for 30 minutes after work, and relaxed then headed up to the gym. Mike, Tyler, and Tim were in the cage so after I mopped the mats I jumped in on Tyler. Tyler has been gone for a couple of months due to the birth of his daughter, but we went hard for two rounds. I taught the beginning striking class tonight. I get just as good of a workout teaching than I do when just participating in class.Came home and checked emails... Had one from Misty saying she likes the pictures I had sent.... Makes me smile!

Much Love!


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