Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 26th, 2010


Happy Birthday, Ophelia! Well... I slept until 7:00am, and then ran around crazy because Trey and I are suppose to be at church at 7:50. Church was great. We went and picked up the lawn trailer on the way home. I mowed our lawn and did some dirt work. I took the trailer back to storage, the cleaned the rover real good! It was filthy. I came home and watched football for a couple of hours, then headed up to the gym. I was suppose to fight Mike Giroux but we did circuit training, and then some grappling. Travis Chyzy came in and trained with us. We had an intense hour and a half. I feel like I dominated the grappling, tapping both of them out! I was really happy with my session. I came home and grilled some turkey burgers, and then have been working on pictures. Jordan's friend Josh gave me a copy of Photoshop CS 5. I guess I need to read up on all of the toys it has! Anyway.... Sleepy!

Much Love!


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