Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010


Did not sleep well. Tossed and turned. I got up at 4:50 and thought about going for a run, but coffee and reading won out! There are 77 chapters in the book I am reading, and I left off on 60. As I was leaving the house I noticed the air was very warm. I have a pretty good idea what that means. The coil was frozen over which is indicative of low freon. I have an easy way to thaw the coil. Turning of the unit and leaving the fan on forces hot air over the coil. It will completely defrost the coil in a matter of minutes. I was rushing out the door when I noticed Sherrie had taken my car. As I looked at her car, I see some kind of entrails on the roof. Sooooo I had to get the hose out and wash her car. After that was done I was finely able to head to Starbucks then on to work. I did my usual morning stuff, then lunch at Louie's.... I was going to take my lunch all week, but I had a difficult morning! After lunch I started doing unit inspections. The nurses hate them because I follow them through the med cart and make sure they are following procedures. I know they do it one way when we are watching, and another when no one is around. I left around four and had several stops to make before heading to the gym. I dropped lawn mower parts off at the welding shop, had to go by a thrift store and get some cheap speakers for the gym, and then stop by mom's to get my ladder. I headed up to the gym, and when I unlocked the door.... The air inside was stifling. It had to be 130 degrees.... I opened doors and then did some weight training. I have not really lifted in quite a while, and did not have a spotter.... I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to show for class, but a few minutes before six several guy's showed up, and I had circuit training set up, but the guy's who showed are all ju-jit-su players, and ask if we could just roll. We did two in one out, which means you go two five minute rounds then sit one out. It was great!!!!! I was going to come home and get the lawn equipment and do a couple properties, but I am exhausted. I have a big day planned for tomorrow. Going to dentist for a filling at 7:00, on to work, trying to get out early, and then head to Midwest City, leave there and do a few things at the Edmond property. I want to take Big Mama out to dinner Friday. We are hosting a Muay Thai clinic on Saturday, and then it is back to school weekend, so shopping. The pictures are of the top of Sherries car this morning, and our killer cat, that leaves us wonderful gifts!

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