Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday, August 6th, 2010


Thank the lord it was Friday! I got up a little late.... No big rush today, kinda take it easy morning. By late I mean 5:45. I Stopped by Starbucks and then on to work. Work continues to be slow, but at the beginning of each month I have about 10 different audits that I do. Yesterday it was time to do a documentation audit on the nurses. There are certain medications (Blood thinners) that they are required to document lab values before giving the medication. In this case I have to go back to the Medication Administration Record and see if the lab was documented before they gave the drug. There were 119 doses last month so it took a while. I met my friend Jennifer Walters at Applebees for lunch. I was not able to attend the last Board of Directors meeting so she brought me up to date on the Epilepsy Association. We decided to do a Pancake breakfast fund raiser. It will be October 30th. Back to work...... I continued audits until we left at 4:30. Jordan is house sitting for Jenni and Ricardo this weekend, and she had to be at work at 6:00 so I ran over to pick her up after a stop at Starbucks! We came home, and Sherrie and I headed out for Friday date night. We went to a newish Mexican restaurant at lake Hefner wharf called Mama Rojas. It was very tasty! We walked around the wharf a bit and then drove around the lake. We saw a guy with a Red Tail Hawk.... He was a falconer, and they were hunting. I had my camera with a telephoto lens so I snapped a few pictures. We came home and relaxed a bit, then when Jordan got off work at 11:36 we had to take her back to Jenni and Ricardo's. Long day! The pictures are of the Hawk, and the Bird! (Lady Bird!)

Love you all!


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