Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


Well after yesterday, I had no idea what to expect. I started the day at 5:30 with a little coffee, and some research on rental companies, and possible solutions to my mower problem! I went by two different rental companies and even though the Internet says they rent ZTR's they don't. I stopped by Starbucks, and Grant gave me my coffee and acknowledged the fact that I am the Mayor. I got to work, and busted out the morning stuff. When Gaymarie got to work she had a phone number of a friend, of a friend, who is retired and works on mowers as a hobby. I called this guy and he told me to bring it on over! I dropped it off, but was still very unsure of how I was going to get the Midwest City property mowed. I started sending out text messages to anyone and everyone who I though may be able to help me push mow that property. I was having a panic attack when Gaymarie suggested that we go get her dad's big mower. He is in Germany and does not use it even when he is here! We went to his house and the tire was flat and battery was dead. We got it on the trailer and headed back to work. We did our afternoon stuff, and headed out. I picked Brent up and the thermostat on the Rover said it was 115 degree's? We hauled butt and got the property looking really nice in 4 hours. I have to Thank Gaymarie, for her help today. I was really stressing about getting that job done, and having a week to 10 days before either of the big properties will need to be done again. I was on the verge of a breakdown. If she had not stepped up and helped me find a guy to repair my mower, and loan me her dad's mower, I'm sure I would be in a real pickle. I also have to thank Brent! Brent is a hard worker, and does everything I ask him to do, and never complains or questions my decisions. I wish I could pay him what he is worth, but that is not in the budget! I ran by the gym on the way home and checked in. Looked like a good Jui Jit Su class. Tomorrow night we are having another mini-clinic with Arjan Mike Parker. He will be teaching us some super awesome Muay Thai. The pictures are of Gaymarie and I, and the super duper John Deer mower she loaned me!

Love you all!

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