Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, August 22nd, 2010


So I knew we were going to have a very busy day. I had ask Sherrie to cook breakfast so we would not spend a million dollars on snacks at the zoo. We needed eggs, milk, and bacon, so I jumped on my bike and rode to Crest. There were two stores closer, but the weather was beautiful. I took my small backpack so I would have a way to carry everything. I made it the three miles very quickly. So quick I didn't even work up a sweat. When I got back I jumped in the shower, and did some straightening around the house. We left for the zoo around 9:00am.... We got unloaded and started walking around the Oklahoma exhibit, on to the gorillas, and then big cats. The animals were not as active as last week.... Probably because the heat was stifling. We had a good time but, the heat took a toll on all of us. We came home and everyone laid down. When I got up at 2:30, the Rays were ready to head home. They had a 6 or 7 hour drive ahead of them. Sherrie and I helped them out, then we came in and cleaned up. We love having the Ray's here. We love to do so many of the same things... Mainly eating, but really they love to workout, We love sports, and kid's. Well I should say we love our kid's.... Don't want anyone to think we are pedophiles! (Just Kidding!) We did a few things around here, then headed down to Big Truck Taco's for a bite. We had eaten their taco's before at a Edmond Fine Art's event, but had never been to their restaurant. It was very eclectic. Kind of a hippie place, but the food was off the chart. The taco's are all gourmet, and things you would not expect in a taco.... I had a grilled veggie, and a tilapia.... Sherrie had chicken and barracho beans. We left and had no real plans. We talked about a movie, or walking around the mall, but we drove through the Paseo art district, Heritage Hills, Western Avenue art district, and then towards the house. We went by family video and picked up Cop Out. It was pretty funny. We crashed hard. Even though it has been a pretty lazy weekend, by my standards, the heat is killing me. We are going to have a full day of laundry, and house cleaning, but I am sure we will get in a run or bike ride. Pictures from the zoo!

Love you all!



  1. The Rays had a GREAT time! Thanks for taking us in at the last minute right as school was starting and everything! Y'all are such great hosts and we love to come and visit! Thank you :)

  2. ps-- Those are really pretty pics of the girls and Sherrie!