Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010


Well what started out to be a great day turned to crap! I left the house at 5:00am to do the Edmond Hospital Property. I got started at 5:15 and did the edging first... I got on the big mower and did the front 1/2 in a couple of hours. I did the push mowing and then cleaned everything up. The mower had been running OK, but not great. I had to stop a couple of different times and make some adjustments. I parked the equipment and went inside to clean up and do some real work. Our IV load has picked up quite a bit, and our order was running way behind. We ran to Qdoba at lunch and I got a Veggie burrito. It was yummy! The afternoon was fine. We did a narcotic inventory, and had a few other things to do. I went back out at 4:30 and my mower was sitting in a giant pool of oil. I could not for the life of me get it to run. There is oil everywhere.... In the carb, air filter.... Covering everything! I had to push mow the rest of the property. What should have taken two hours, took four. What should have been a nice ride on the ZTR at 15mph, turned into four hours a sweat and pain. I took a 15 minute shower when I got home, had a bite to eat then ran by a friends house to get her mail for her. I am going to have to find a mechanic and place to rent a mower for a few weeks! If you know any small engine repairmen, or lawn equipment rental facilities please let me know! Couple random pictures from Utah!

Love you all!


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