Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


Got up on time.... About 5:20! Shower, coffee, a couple of chapters in my book. Off to Starbucks. then work. It continues to be very slow at work. I had my USP 797 monitoring to do, so that took a little while. I took my big mower to the shop in El Reno at lunch. It took a bit, but I had to get it in. It has a blown head gasket, and the guy who is fixing it needed it by three today. Back to work, where thank goodness I had a sandwich and granola bar. The afternoon was full of price changes, and emails. I left a bit early and came home. We have several spots where drywall needs to be replaced. I patched a spot by the backdoor then got ready for the gym. I got there at 5:30 and got a good sweat going, with some jump rope, and shadow boxing. After a bit a couple guys showed up, and we did some sparring. I had a few great rounds. My leg is fine while standing, but when the fight goes to the ground, my leg gives me fits. Morgan started a ground and pound class at 6:30 and by 7:30 I was done. It had to be 120 or 130 degrees in the gym. I was spent. We found out today... One of our pro fighters, Cole Province inked a deal to fight Mike Brown in the WEC in September. Cole was a four time NCAA champion wrestler at the University of Central Oklahoma, and hell of a guy. Mike Brown is a two time WEC Champion and is rated the number three featherweight in the WORLD. How cool is that??? On another note.... When I got home from work there was a message on the recorder... Trey was in a reading program at the public library. When you read a certain number of pages you get entered into a drawing. The was a message that said he won an Ipod Touch! What a toad! He deserves it though! He helps around the house, loves his mama, and his grandmother, and takes his school work so seriously. Trey really blossomed this year with his violin. He took it upon himself this summer to learn piano, and guitar! As you all know Trey has also been invited with his scholar squad to Germany, and Austria in the spring. I will be joining them on that trip with plans to try and stay in Europe for a few extra weeks and do some climbing in the Alps. The pictures are Trey. He has had quite a growth spurt this summer. He is only 12, but is almost 6 feet tall!

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