Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday, August 14th, 2010


What a busy day! We got up just before 6:00am, and got ready for a run. We were going to do a 1/2 marathon, but Sherrie has a pulled muscle in her stomach, so we only did about 5 kilometers. Back to the house where I pulled the starter from Jordan's broke down truck. Then in for a shower and some coffee. We were in desperate need of a clothes dryer. We got a paper and found an estate sale.... We stopped by a few garage sales on the way, but there was nothing. We got to the estate sale and the had a washer and dryer. They were in exceptional shape, and they only wanted $75.00 for the dryer.... I told them I wanted it, and they said they would sell them together for $125.00.... That's hard to beat! We loaded them in the Rover and headed by Starbucks. Molly and Grant were working, and so I chatted with them for a bit. Molly needs a dryer so we told her she could have our old one..... We stopped by mom's house to see Trey for a bit. Turns out mom's washer went out and we just happened to have an extra one in the Rover. I unloaded it and installed it. Worked like a charm! We stopped at Academy to get a few things, like a bike rack for the Rover, and Sherrie got some shorts and shirts to workout in. It was time for lunch so we stopped at Qdoba and got a Taco Salad... It was yummy! We went to Mercy Hospital to see Sherrie's Nanny. We left there and went to Autozone to have Jordan's starter tested. Sure enough it was bad. We came on home and got Jordan's lazy butt out of bed. I put brakes on her truck so it was up to her to buy a starter. I installed our new dryer which I may add is quite as a church mouse! Then I laid in the bed for a bit. At that point I had done more in 1/2 a day than most people do in a week! I actually took it easy for a couple of hours, then we went to the market to get a few things. We needed lunch meat, and trail mix. Sherrie got a bike helmet, and a lock for the bike's. We came home and waited out the heat. It was 107 degrees today, and at 7:00 it was still 100! At 8:00 we headed to Mitch park and rode their bike trail. It is only about four miles, but it is very hilly! I loved it. I would push real hard past Sherrie, and then turn around and ride back to her.... It was nice. My legs look great! I was up on my toes when I was attaching the water supply to mom's washer, and Sherrie said "Dang look at your calves!" My right calf looks like a body builders! It is cut! My left calf is not as big, due to two different surgeries I have had on it! We came home cleaned up and are laying in bed watching a movie, and trying to make a plan for tomorrow. The kids go back to school Thursday, and we have company coming to town Wednesday. I don't know what my mowing schedule will be this week, until I find out when I get my mower back! A couple pictures from Nepal!

Love you all!


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