Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15th, 2010


Well I had expected to get up and go ride around the lake... Guess what? I overslept by two hours! I did not get up until 7:00! I jumped up and got my shower, while my coffee was brewing, and got ready for church. I had to pick Trey up at mom's house, and then get to church. We worked in the parking lot, and then into service. On the way home we had to stop at Home Depot and get a few things. We got home and Sherrie had an brunch fixed for us Turkey wraps, and salad. Trey, Sherrie and I went to the zoo to walk around. We are zoo friends members, but our membership has expired so we had to go into the office to renew it. I saw a familiar face in there.... My niece Crystal works in there, and I had no idea. She could sooooo easily pass as my sisters twin, when she was that age! She is a cool girl and I would really like to spend more time with her. We only stayed a couple of hours! It was pretty hot, and my back was killing me! Since I was running so far behind this morning, I forgot to take my drugs! I came home and took a pain pill, while Sherrie took Trey for a hair cut, and ran by the market. I passed out for about two hours, then went out and put the starter in Jordan's truck. I had made arrangements to meet Mike Giroux at the gym and workout for an hour. I wanted to ride my bike up there so I took off, after asking Sherrie to pick me and my bike up at 8:00! Mike and I were going at it pretty hard, when I shot in and he kneed me in the nose. I started gushing like crazy. Luckily Sherrie showed up a little while later.... I think my nose may be broken? It is definitely bruised really good, and I will be surprised if I don't have a couple black eye's by morning! Sherrie's brother Bruce and his family are coming to town Wednesday, so I started cleaning and dusting the house. It is going to be a crazy week! I have no idea when I will get my mower back, so I am kinda just gonna wing it! The pictures are from the zoo today!

Love you all!


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