Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010


I was exhausted last night, but Jordan had her TV on so loud I got up at 3:00 and turned it off. When I tripped over Boomer, he wanted to go outside, so then I laid on the couch for 15 minutes until he was ready to come in. I don't think I ever got back into REM sleep before the alarm clock went off at 5:15am. I got my shower, coffee, and reading while watching the weather. Yesterday we were 104 degree's. Today we had a cold front come through and the high was 79 degree's. Off to Starbucks, then work. Work continues to be pretty busy right now! I had made arrangements to meet Mike's girlfriend Jamie at Hobby Lobby to pick out a frame and mat. On the way to Hobby Lobby, I lost my credit card. I spent an hour looking for it, and when I got back to the hospital, Pam Grimes came up to me and said look what I found. I guess I pulled my phone out of my pocket and my card came flying out. I hope the frame looks good with the mat.... It should! The afternoon was killer busy. We didn't leave work until after 5:00. That's the first time in a along time that we have worked until 5:00! I came home and Sherrie had a big chef salad ready. She wanted to eat dinner early, and the get to the park. I loaded the bikes, and we headed out. She decided to run, while I rode. Her goal was to make one loop, by the time I made two. She almost did it. She is running very well, and will be ready for her first 5k pretty soon. We came home to get ready for tomorrow, and help Trey with his homework. Pictures from Nepal!

Love you all!

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