Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, August 8th, 2010


Sherrie and I had planned on going to Mt Scott, and doing some hiking today. Since we got our new bikes last night, we decided to load the bikes up and go to Lake Hefner. We were going to ride around the lake trail, which is 10 miles, but 1/2 way around Sherrie decided her seat was really uncomfortable. I said what do you want to do? She said we should head back..... What was funny is it would have been the same distance if we would have continued on! :-) We made our 10 miles!!!! It was pretty nice out this morning.... Probably about 82 degrees, but the wind was straight out of the south at about 30mph. We decided to head out to El Reno and pick up my mower. We stayed at Curtis' house for about 30 minutes, then headed home. We came in and cleaned up then Sherrie made a tuna salad. My neck is bothering me from the Muay Thai clinic yesterday, so I took some Tylenol and laid down. I jumped up at 2:30 and went to organise the lawn equipment. Sherrie took Trey and Jordan to Old Navy to pick up a few last things for school, and I went ahead and mowed the lawn. I finished then watered my dying grass. It has been over 100 degrees everyday for about 20 days now. Everyone's grass is turning brown, all the leaves are falling off the trees, which means fall will be ugly because it's the moisture in the leaves that help with the color change. Anyway..... I did some painting in the entry way, and then we went to Wild Wings to meet Mike Champlin, Jason Klinka, and the Van Sickles. We watched the first 1/2 of the Hall of Fame Game. This is the first Preseason NFL game of the year, and what makes me happy about football season is... It is almost fall! A couple of pictures from one of last years Moab trips!

Love you all!


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