Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13th, 2010


Well it was Friday the 13th.... Big morning.... Coffee, news, and editing a couple of pictures. My buddy Chad needed a picture of one of his employees head, shopped onto a ballerinas body! It came out looking very cheesy, but oh well. Off to Starbucks then work. Work was actually quite busy, for a change. The morning went by really fast. I met the Daniel, the environmental services guy from Edmond at lunch.... Of course we went to Louie's! Back to work, where the afternoon continued to be busy. We left at 4:30, and I ran by Al's Bicycles to look at bike racks. WOW! They must think their stuff is made of gold! Came on home, and laid in the bed for 1/2 an hour. Sherrie and I were meeting Mike Champlin and his girlfriend Jamie at a new restaurant here in Edmond for dinner. It is called the Manhattan, and Oh my!!!!! Everything we tried was great! The owners made their way around to welcome everyone and they were very nice. They also decorate with local artist work, and I gave them the information to my website to see about getting my stuff in there. If you would go to and send me suggestions on you favorites? Dinner was great, the company was great, and our dates were smoking hot! We drove around looking at the meteor shower for a bit, then came home. I put on a movie, and the next thing you know..... It's 5:30am! The pictures are of Mike on our last two trips to Utah. Mike is one of the most generous, kind, compassionate, brilliant people on the planet! I am really glad he is a part of our lives!

Love you all!


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