Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9th, 2010


It was Monday! Sherrie is off this week, so I had to be quiet this morning. I got up at 5:10 and got my shower. Read a little, left some feedback on ebay, and the headed to Starbucks. On to work, where I did the usual Monday clean up and then did the monthly clean room sterilization. I made Gaymarie go to lunch with me. We had a salad, and then I went to pick up my mower parts. I got to the welding shop, and the guy said... "Oh I forgot about those!" I told him I had to have them done and installed tonight. He promised he would have them done by 5:00. Sure enough I got them back. The afternoon was OK. We had plenty to do. I ran to Jodi's house to get her mail, and put her trash can at the curb. When I got home, I decided to ride my bike to the gym. I got there and opened the gym, then a few guys showed up and we started a good workout. We did some conditioning, and then two on one off drills. You do Jui-jit-su for two five minute rounds and then get one off. It is awesome. I feel like I did really good, even with a very sore neck. I had Sherrie pick me up at they gym and we clocked the mileage back to the house. It was exactly 6 1/2 miles from here to the gym. Sherrie grilled pork for dinner, and left me a plate! It was awesome! I am going to bed very early. Mowing very early in the morning! A couple random pictures from Nepal!

Love you all!


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