Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, August 30th, 2010


Not bad for a Monday! Up early for some coffee, and a bit of reading. Dropped Trey off at school, then headed to Starbucks. Busy morning of clean up from the weekend. I had a quick Doctors appointment at 8:20 and was only gone 20 minutes. I met with John, and Jason Klinka at lunch. We went to Louie's of course. John buys a few basketball tickets from me each year, which is good! 45 home games a year is a lot. It becomes a job trying to get done with work, get the kid's homework done, get parked, fed, and to the game.... Battle travel, get home kid's in bed and ready for the next day..... Anyway... Back to work for the afternoon, and it continued to be busy. I busted out about 5:00 and ran to the gym. I was suppose to take pictures of Tim Elliott in the cage, but he was invited to work out with Matt Grice tonight, so we are going to do it tomorrow. I led the class tonight.... We did two in one out sparring. You go for two rounds and sit one out. Each round you are going with a fresh guy, so it really wears you out. I also did two five minute rounds in the boxing ring with Mike Messina. He could have put a thumping on me, but took it easy! Home to get ready for tomorrow! I love getting hit in the face. Pictures are from Yellowstone, and Mt Rushmore, in South Dakota. Taken in 2006!

Love you all!


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