Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday, August 7th, 2010


Kinda lazy crazy morning... We got around about 7:00am and went to some garage sales. We were looking for some used bicycles. We didn't find anything that was worth buying.... We stopped at Java Dave's then to the Farmers Market. I had a Muay Thai clinic that started at 10:00, so I opened the gym at 9:30. Our Muay Thai instructor, Coach Mike Parker just achieved the rank of Arjon, which is the highest ranking one can achieve. We had a serious workout. Like 2 1/2 hours of non-stop kick boxing. I raced home and picked up Sherrie, and we went to mom's to get Trey. We did his back to school shopping, then dropped him back off at mom's. We also dropped Sherrie's phone off to be fixed. We ran to Wal Mart and got a few more things for Trey, then off to Jenni and Ricardo's to get Jordan. We stopped at the mall and did some back to school shopping for Jordan. We ran by the market and found some turkey burgers, and a few other things. We came home and I grilled the burgers, then we relaxed for an hour before heading back to Wal Mart to look at Bikes. I found one on clearance.... Originally it was $400.00.... It had been ridden, returned, and repaired, so they said make me an offer? I said $60.00, and they said OK! Sherrie got an inexpensive bike too. We were going to hike Mt Scott tomorrow, but I think we are going to bike and run at the lake instead! We are getting up at 5:00 so I better get to bed! Pictures from the lake last night!

Love you all!


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