Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday, July 31st, 2010


Just a quick note.... I am writing this blog with my climbing headlamp on so I can see the keyboard, so I probably look pretty goofy! Got up at 6:00am and had some coffee while getting my mowing stuff together. I let Sherrie sleep for a little bit, before waking her up. She volunteered to help me with a few lawns today, and I am grateful. Our first stop was at Jason Klinka's house. He has been on vacation for a week. He took his family to Santa Fe, and Taos, New Mexico. Next we headed to Ben and Kinsey Crocker's house.... I wanted to get their lawn done before they even realised we were there, and we were almost successful. Ben caught us with only fifteen minutes until we were done. We then headed over to mom's house, and knocked her lawn out then cut up the remaining post from her old fence. We were going to swim but we were nasty and hungry. We came home cleaned up and headed towards Red Robin. Curtis called and said he and Lisa were on their way over, and we were going to do some work here at the house. We ate quickly, then ran by Home Depot to get a few items. When we got here Curtis was already working on the sink. He was not having any luck either. His best friend Dan McBride came over to help, and it got crazy. I ended up making seven trips to the hardware store, and we replaced everything under the counter. The little checker at Home Depot knows me by name and was laughing at me. It took us until 7:00pm to get the sink fixed. We cleaned up and went to Louie's for dinner. We had a great time, and the owner Randy, who is a great sponsor of the Quest came and hung out with us for a bit. Home for a shower and bed! Sherrie had a "Pinktini" and she passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow. I think I worked her too hard today! I am really grateful she helped me so much today..... I never would have made it without her! The pictures are from my last trip to Vegas. Only seven more weeks, and I get to take Sherrie for her first trip to "Sin City!"

All my love!


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