Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12th, 2010


It was defiantly Monday!!!!! Sherrie worked overnight last night, and I did not sleep worth a darn! I tossed and turned, and when the alarm went off at 5:00, I just looked at it! I got in the shower and then watched the news. Made my stop at Starbucks, and then on to work! I stayed busy this morning, since I was out last Friday, and then the weekend we had plenty to do to get caught up. We ran to get some take out for lunch, and then back to work. I did chart audits after lunch and then headed out at 4:30. I had a photo shoot at Jon Ric Medical Spa and Salon. Kay Morton who owns the spa is one of Mat's Quest's biggest sponsors. Kay has 24 employees at the Spa and wanted pictures of all of them for her website. Most of them are attractive young ladies!!!!! You know I don't have a problem taking pictures of pretty young ladies! As soon as I left there, I came home and got my lawn equipment and headed over to mom's. Her grass was out of control due to the monsoon we have had. I finished it in just over an hour! Back home to knock mine out! I can do mine in 45 minutes..... I came in and took a hot shower, before sitting down to edit pictures. Trey made me a PB&J for dinner! The pictures are from today's photo shoot at Jon Ric! I love the top one. That is Kay giving someone a Botox treatment!

Love you all!


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