Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010


Well I had this great plan to wake up early and go knock out most of the Edmond property.... I left the house at 5:15am and really kicked butt! I got all of the mowing, weed eating, and edging done before 9:00am. Went in and took a shower, and got to work. I had unit audits to do, so that took a big part of the day. I picked Brandon up and he came up and push mowed the courtyard, and cleaned up the area behind the retention pond. He did a pretty good job, and only took two hours. I dropped him off on the way home and came by to get Trey. We went to a friend of Jodi's and holy crap. His lawn is easily one and a half acres, and his lawn mower has been broken for weeks. It was easily three feet tall. I mowed it on the highest setting and then blew all of the grass in one direction, then Trey and I raked it up, and bagged it. We did the front yard three times to get it looking good! When I started the back yard I had no idea what was going to happen. There were places that the grass was six or seven feet tall. I had to go at a snails pace.... I mowed over and over, and over to get it all knocked down..... I started at one end and blew everything into the woods. That was quite a busy day! I came home showered, had some veggies, and now I am going to bed! I am going to do Midwest City after work tomorrow and then take several days off! I am exhausted! The pictures are from a trip to Vegas. The top picture is a dedication to the men that died while building the Hoover Damn. The second is Death Valley, California!

Love you all!


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