Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday, July 17th, 2010


Wow... What a great day! Sherrie and I jumped up at the crack of 8:00am, and went for a run. It was soooooo hot that I think it did more harm than good! What I mean is it really zapped all of my energy, but we pushed on! Home for a shower, and then up to farmers market! We got some tomatoes, and some home made peach salsa, and then something awesome happened. I ran into my high school wrestling coach. Byron Graham is one of my hero's. I have been meaning to stop by his house and see him for the past two years, but just have not done it. I will go see him soon though. I walked up to him and said "Coach", "Coach".... He turned around and said "Hey".... "How are you?" I said "Do you know, who I am?" he said "Nope!" I told him and he was surprised! We had a good chat for a few minutes. When we were walking around the market, Sherrie had one of her favorite sandals fall apart, so we went to the shoe store and got her a new pair, dropped by the house to leave the tomato's then headed down to bricktown for the "Bricktown Art's Festival!" It was rather small but very nice. It was already 100 degree's out so it was not to busy. We looked at everything and only came home with two bottles of wine from a couple of local winery's. We came home, and laid down for an hour. We went to Life Church at 5:00, for the third week of at the movies, then stopped at Louie's for a chicken wrap. We headed over to the market, and picked up some food! While we were there Ben called and ask if he could borrow the trailer. He said he would come get it before I left for church. What made sense to me is that Sherrie and I go home unload the trailer, and get it down to their house, so they could continue tiling their kitchen! We did not stay long, so they could continue working. Came home and took a shower, then literally fell asleep before my head hit the pillow! It is going to be hotter than heck today, and I have a lot of things to do here at the house. Mom's lawn needs to be done today too! The pictures are from the farmers market, and the Bricktown art's festival!

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