Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Pretty slow day.... Got up on time, and got my shower. Had my coffee while starting a new book. "Momentum" 77 observations of a life well lived, by Mark Bravo. I only got a few chapters read, but I am really enjoying it. This book is available through Mark's website I left for work early, and stopped by Starbucks. I got into the office and made my IV's for the weekend. I had a doctors appointment at 8:20... Just a follow-up on some labs and things. I see the nurse practitioner Michelle Muranto. She is awesome, and would stay with me as long as I need, rather than rushing through her patients. Back to work.... Gaymarie and I had plans to meet Mike Champlin and his girlfriend Jamie at Ajunta for Indian food at lunch. It was great! I have not had Indian food since..... Well since I was in India! Back to work, where just like most afternoons, very slooooooooow! We left around 4:00 and I came home to take an hour nap. Sherrie, Trey, and their friend Joshua spent the day at the pool, and when they got home we went to El Chico for dinner. We had a coupon for buy one dinner get one free, and Trey had a coupon for Mexican Apple Pie. He won it from a reading contest. Dinner was OK!!!! We walked around the mall for an hour then took Joshua home. We came home and mom picked Trey up, then Sherrie and I went to Home Depot to get fixer upper stuff for tomorrow. I am trying to fix up the house a little bit at a time. There just never seems to be enough time! Here are a couple pictures from Kathmandu.
Love you all!


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