Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, July 24th, 2010


Woo Hoo... Awesome day! Started early with Sherrie and I trying out our new running shoes! Mine are the bomb dot com, and Sherrie said her new shoes are like running on clouds! We stopped by Starbucks and then came by the house. I got my lawn equipment and we headed over to moms. I did the lawn and Sherrie and Trey swam. When I got the lawn done, I jumped in the pool! I brought Sherrie home and headed to OK Runner to get another pair of shoes like I got for Sherrie. There are not many opportunities to get a hundred dollar pair of shoes for $20 or $25. I had a chance meeting with a very inspirational man. Mark Bravo, one of the states most accomplished runners, and MC of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon broadcast. Mark just published his book, and was signing copy's at OK Runner. I had the chance to tell Mark my story and the impact I am trying to have on our community. We exchanged information, and I hope to be in contact with him soon. Off to Ben and Kinsey's house to do there lawn. Ben told me on the phone it looked OK, but he tells 1/2 truths! It needed to be done. I got it all cleaned up, and maybe he will concentrate on the kitchen, so Kinsey can cook me dinner soon! We all went to Mazzio's for a bite to eat. I think I drank a gallon of water........ When we were getting ready to leave my good friend Joy Brown Text me and wanted to swim at mom's house. I left Ben's and headed back to mom's. Joy, Trey and I swam for about an hour before I had to come home and get ready for church. It was the last week of "At the movies" at Life Church! We saw Chad and Shannon Lovett there and they invited us to dinner, but Sherrie had just eaten at Tina's wedding, and Trey had leftovers at mom's house! I needed to drink more fluids! We stopped by the market to get some strawberries, and banana's then home. I had some leftovers from last night and then Sherrie's fruit cake surprise. It is fat free yellow cake, fat free vanilla pudding. and strawberries, blueberries, and banana's. She even added some fresh cherries. YUMMY! We are going to watch a movie, and crash out early! I am adding a couple real pictures of Ben and Kinsey, and a picture of my BFF Joy Brown!

Love you all!


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