Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010


Well what a busy day! Started just like most days... Coffee, a shower and the a stop at Starbucks. Off to work where I did my usual morning stuff, then at 11:30 came home and got the lawn trailer. I knocked the lawn out at the Edmond facility, and the ran to mom's to jump in the pool and cool off. I made it to the gym at 5:45 and worked with a few new guys until 7:00, and then we we had a board of directors meeting. Mike Giroux resigned as president and I picked up a few new responsibilities. Just some easy stuff, like paying the gas, electric, and rent. Not too bad. I am exhausted. Trey and Sherrie are at the Lady Gaga concert right now. I hope they are having a blast! The pictures are a couple of senior pictures I did. Tia Braley, and Phillip Davidson.

Love you all!


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