Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 19th, 2010


Did not sleep well. Woke up at 4:50am, after a crazy dream that I was at a weigh in for a fight. I laid around and had my coffee, until I saw Ben Crocker outside my house. I guess he felt like he needed to return my trailer before work this morning. He said that it was the earliest he had ever been up! We reloaded the trailer, then he headed home to get ready for work. I came in and got ready for work. Off to Starbucks, where my good buddy Grant bought my coffee.... Work was unbelievably slow. I worked from seven until 4:15 without a lunch break. Jodi brought me a chicken sandwich at 2:30. I picked up mom at 4:30 and took her to a seminar in Norman about a new surgical procedure call Stomaphyx. It is basically a gastric sleeve procedure without an incision. They go down the throat with a camera and a stapler. They gather the fundus and reduce the surface of the stomach. I didn't get home until eight, and then worked on the plumbing.... What a nightmare! It is leaking exactly where it was originally! Oh well! I did some research on my oil leak on the mower.... It is a blown head gasket. I think it is something we can fix, but I will need some help. It's not as difficult as doing it on a car, and everything is exposed. I need to get through this weeks mowing first! Time for bed! Good Night! Pictures are Buddhist prayer flags in Nepal. The top one is above Thokla, and the bottom one is above the Tengboche Monastery!

Love you all!


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