Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday, July 11th, 2010


Here we are in the present.... Sunday morning. I jumped up and hooked the trailer up to the truck. I went to 7-11 and aired up tires and filled the mower with gas. Back to the house to get ready for church. I took the equipment with me, and Sherrie went to get Trey at moms house. I worked in the parking lot, and Trey showed up to help. We went in for service and then I headed over to Midwest City. I had Brent's mom drop him off and Curtis was coming to help us! I started edging and as soon as I was done they showed up. We attacked the property until I got the mower stuck in mud! We had to work in the flower beds and trim hedges so we spent 15 hours over there today! We only got 1/2 of the hedges done, but it looks so much better. I came home and took a shower. Then headed straight to El Reno to take Curtis' truck home and get my car! We went in and visited with Lisa for a bit, then headed home. I am mentally, and physically exhausted. Gonna turn in soon! Pictures are Me on my bike.... We had gone to the fair and I won a big fish! That was September of 2007, and the other needs no description! That is my baby! The black panther. My car that I have not driven for FIVE weeks! I bet Curtis enjoyed it!

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