Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday, July 18th, 2010


Pretty busy day! It had it's goods and it's ah S*$t! Started at 6:30 doing laundry.... Watched some TV and had some coffee. Sherrie and I got ready for church and picked Trey up on the way. Trey and I worked in the parking lot, and Tommy Johnson, the gentleman who runs 1st Impressions, wrote Trey a check for $100 towards his trip. It was awesome! After church I came home and started working on the bathroom sink. I really should have had a plumber, because I really need one now! I broke the drain pipe off inside the wall. What a mess. Curtis said he could come over later in the week and help me. I got really pissed off, and loaded up the mower and headed over to mom's. I finished breaking down old fence panels and then mowed and weed ate her lawn. I jumped in the Rover and came home. I trimmed some tree's then did our lawn. I came in and cleaned up. Sherrie made an amazing dinner. She slow roasted a pork loin, and made some potato's! We went to Crest, for their vegetable sale. We have so much fruit and veggies we could start a farm. Came home to relax a bit, and watch some TV! I decided to attempt the plumbing issue. I cut the wall open and removed the broken pipe. I will take it to Home Depot tomorrow and see if they can assist me. I got dirty again, so Sherrie made me go for a run with her. We did our two mile circuit. I did 1/4 of it running backwards. That works muscles you don't realise you have. We are discussing different ways to raise money for Trey's trip. I think we are going to have a garage sale in a few weeks. That should make several hundred dollars. The pictures are Sherpa porters in the Solo-Khumbu region of Nepal. These are the most humble, hardest working people I have ever met. I met porters as young as nine, and as old as 90! Being a porter is a very hard life, but these people do whatever it takes to provide for their families!

Love you all!


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