Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23rd, 2010


TGIF! Friday was a good day overall! Made my usual stop at Starbucks before work.... Work continues to be slow, so I had most of the weekend prep done before 8:00am. We had a few audits, and general record keeping to do, so it kept us busy. Gaymarie owed me lunch, so we went to Chipotle and had a burrito bowl. Mr Evans, who was Jordan and Trey's elementary school principle was there. He goes to church with us, so we chatted a bit. Mr Evans is an awesome guy, and great example of a loving father. After lunch, we ran by Jon Ric to drop off the disk with pictures from our shoot the other night. Next door is OK Runner, and the were having a shoe sale! "FABULOUS!" I got a pair of Puma Utopia's and got Sherrie a pair of Saucony Fastwitch 2's. The afternoon was soooooooooo slow! At 2:30 I was done! I came home and laid down! Took a nap for about two hours. When I woke up, Sherrie had started dinner. We were going to have a nice romantic dinner, and watch a movie, but Jordan decided to stay home and ruin our date night. There is no way on God's green earth, that if we would have said.... Jordan you need to stay home tonight she would have! We ended up walking around the mall after dinner, just to work off some of the fullness, then went by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Sherrie had to get a wedding present. We came home and went to bed early! I always write about Ben and Kinsey, and several people have ask why I never post pictures of them together, or of Kinsey, so here you go!

All my love!


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