Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010


Even though it was Tuesday.... Felt more like Monday! Hit Starbucks, then on to work. After a long weekend, there is always a lot of clean up work. The day went by really quickly. I had to run by the bank at lunch and make a deposit for the gym. We were so close to Louie's that we had to go in for lunch. I guess you could say I am pretty predictable. The afternoon continues to be busy. We have inventory today, so I had to count narcotics, and pull all remaining expired drugs. I got a great workout last night at the gym. Mike Parker taught again. We worked on Muay Thai combinations. His class is an hour and a half of non-stop kicking, elbows, and punching. What a physically exhausting class. I have muscles hurting that usually do not hurt. I guess it's getting the mechanics right. We have been plagued by torrential rain. South Oklahoma City flooded last night. Crazy weather pattern is really messing up my mowing schedule. I had planned on mowing Edmond today, and Midwest City tomorrow, but I guess that will not be happening. I am flying to Tennessee on Friday morning, and driving back Saturday. I guess I will be mowing all day Sunday! Oh well! That is if it drys out enough. Midwest City got 5 inches of rain last night! A few more pictures from the parade on Saturday. Top picture is Mrs. Oklahoma. She is my Doctor's daughter.... Second pic is a team of Clydesdale's. They are amazingly huge! Third is.... Well everyone knows Darth Vader lives here in Edmond! He was feeling patriotic!

Love you all!


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  1. I know some people if the clydesdale photo! My nephew, Tyler, is the boy driving, and my brother, Curtis, is the guy on the left side of the photo.