Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


Happy hump day!

I did not sleep a wink... I guess with my leg pain, severe cramps, and dreaming I was back in Kathmandu, kept me awake. I had a dream I walking around Thamel, which is a district in Kathmandu. I started thinking about all the people I met there, akk of the things I saw, and all of the pure beauty. I miss it sooooooo much. It is indescribable! I think the book I have been reading may have influenced my dream as well. It goes in depth about Sherpa life. When I win the lottery.... I will spend six months a year in the Khumbu region of Nepal, teaching school, or building homes for the poor. I would leave tomorrow if I had the funds..... Oh yeah.... If my wife would go with me! Anyway.... Up at 4:30 and thought about going for a run, but my dang leg is so swollen, it hurts to stand. I got my shower, had my coffee, and finished my book. I was sad to finish it, but happy to know the knowledge I gained by reading it, will help me educate people to the Sherpa culture, and history. I left for work a little early, but had alterior motives. I wanted to get my work done and get over to Midwest City, and be done with my mowing for the week! I stopped by Starbucks, and mentioned to the staff that I became Mayor! The all started calling me "Your Honor, and Sir!" It was great! The day progressed just as I suspected, and I was able to go pick Brent up, and get Midwest City knocked out. We had a few extra projects, and some mower issues so it took a full four hours. I changed clothes and went back to work. There were a few things to clean up, but only about an hours worth of work. I came home and did our lawn, then a cold shower. I told Sherrie I wanted a pizza for dinner. We shared a small veggie pizza, and salad. After dinner we had to move the dresser back into the bedroom, and put drawers back in. The bedroom carpet was still very damp from the carpet cleaner yesterday. We both over ate so we headed to Mitch park. The running trail at Mitch is 3 miles long. We parked the truck, and started power walking because of my leg, and when we got a mile and a half away from the truck, the heavens opened and it started pouring. I was wearing my new Puma running shoe's so we started sprinting back to the truck. I found a few short cuts, through soccer fields, and frisbee golf courses, but we made good time back. I really thought I would have to drive back up the hill to get Sherrie, but when I got in the truck I looked back and she was only a 100 feet behind me! I am really proud of her. She has not been running for very long, and she is really doing good! Home for shower number three of the day and then a little relaxation! I am considering a glass of wine to make sure I sleep well tonight! The pictures are my new running shoes. The blue and yellow ones, are the Puma Euphoria's, and the red, white, and silver are the Saucony Fastwitch 2's!
Love you all!

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