Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


I over slept this morning by twenty minutes. Jumped up and got in the shower.... Off to work! Stopped at Starbucks. I took the lawn trailer with me so I could head to Midwest City as soon as I was done at work. I worked through lunch, and headed out at 2:30. I made it to the campus by 3:00 and Brent was there waiting on me. We got busy.... I had to trim some hedges before I started mowing. We knocked it out in four hours. With doing my lawn, and mom's lawn Monday night, and Julie's lawn Tuesday night, the Edmond property and Steve's lawn on Wednesday, then Midwest City today..... I thought I was done mowing for several days.... On my way home Chad Lovett text me and his mower is down, so he needs me to come mow his lawn. I will find a way! I am beat..... Time for bed! The pictures are Boomer and Shadow Jones!

Love you all!


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