Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010


Exhausting day.... Typical start.... Jumped up, ran to Starbucks.... When I got to work I started working on chart audits. Finished them at about 10:00. Other than that pretty slow. The girls and I ran to Goldie's for lunch. Goldie's is an Oklahoma institution. They have an all you can eat pickle bar. Every kind of pickle and pepper you can imagine. Back to work... I bailed at 4:30 and came home to get my lawn gear. I had been ask by my friend Julie to come take care of her lawn. She said it was in sad shape. She was right!!!! The front yard was two feet tall, and the back was easily four feet tall! I had to knock it down with the weed eater, and then mow it! The grass was so tall and wet that it would not go in the bagger. The front yard looked good, but the back yard is still a mess! I will go back over there sometime soon and work on the backyard again. I was going to go do another lawn because it was to late to make it to the gym, so I went to one of Jodi's friends house. The yard is huge! probably an acre to an acre and a half.... I called her and told her, I did not have enough sunlight left to push mow it so I will take the big mower over there tomorrow evening! Came home to shower and get ready for bed! A couple of pictures from our trip to Jamacia!

Love you all!


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