Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 25th, 2010


Woke up early as Sherrie and I had planned on running this morning, but it was raining. Very light, but I am not going to get my new running shoes wet. I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee, and then got ready for church. Today was Christmas in July, and they did the Nutcracker drum line. It was pretty cool. I brought Sherrie home and then went to Home Depot. I got some stuff to try and fix the bathroom. I am rebuilding the cabinet under the sink in my bathroom, and then find the leak in the wall. Well, I got the cabinet fixed, and I found the leak in the wall. There was a small hole in between the shower and the trim on the wall. I cut part of the wall out from the bedroom, and when I poured water in that corner, the water just rushed right in. When I was at Home Depot, I bout some parts for my chain saw. It has been broken for several months. I got it fixed and worked over some trees in my back yard. They were in very poor shape. I have really let them go due to all the other things I have had going on. We had my friend Miriam's little boy Tommy's birthday party. We had a good time. The boy's made a water slide, and I will post some pictures. I had to run back to Home Depot to get some silicone caulk to fix the leak in the shower, then I met Mike Giroux at the gym. We warmed up for about 15 minutes, which was not hard, because the gym was about 120 degrees. We got in the cage, and went after it for five, five minute rounds. The first three, we did stand-up, and the last two we started from guard. Mike took the stand-up fight, and I think I won the ground war. I am pretty banged up though. I can't stand on my left leg, I have a huge bruise on my left cheek, and black eye. Battle scars! That's why we call it Fight Club! Home for a great dinner of Tilapia, and grilled veggies. It was a pretty busy, but great weekend. Can't wait to get back to work, so I can get some rest!

Love you all!


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