Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 9th, 2010


Well.... After five long weeks it is time to go to Tennessee to get the expedition, but first I had to stop by Starbucks! I have priority's! Sherrie and Trey rode with me to the airport. They dropped me off, and when I looked at the check-in line I said "Holy Crap!" I was flying Southwest, which I have not done in probably 12 years due to their open discrimination of overweight people. I will get into that later! I saw a kiosk, that said electronic check in, so I went to it and typed in my confirmation number.... It shot out my boarding passes, and I went to the security line. It moved along very quickly, and found a cup of coffee, and a banana! I started reading a new book. Tenzing Norgay and the Sherpa's of Everest. I sat down and read for about 45 minutes and then it was time to board. I found a seat in the fourth row.... I like to be near the front, that way if the plane crashes I know I will go first! :-) The flight was very quick! I had a lay over in Kansas City.... I found a cup of coffee, and started reading again. 45 minutes later time to board again! The flight to Nashville was quick as well... Just over an hour. I actually closed my eye's for a bit. Since I didn't check any bags, as soon as I landed, I called my cousin Brenda, she was right outside the doors, and I jumped in the car with her and Uncle Gerald. We chit-chatted a bit, and he mentioned that he had not eaten, and really wanted to go to Cracker Barrel! God works in mysterious ways, because I was starving!!!! We found one and went in. I told our waitress that if she gave the ticket to anyone but me, I would break her arm! We had a nice lunch, then hit the road for the two hour ride back to Waynesboro. The expedition was at Uncle Juniors house. Brenda dropped me off there, and I went in for a good visit. Belinda, and Sonya, had packed all of Aunt Jeannette's clothes in the truck for me to bring home for mom. I am not kidding. The WHOLE expedition was full from floor to roof. If i had taken a bag, with me I would have had to tie it to the top. I only took a big back pack thank god! I sat with Uncle Junior for a while, and we started looking at pictures of him and Aunt Jeannette. He is still so heartbroken that it brought tears to both of our eye's. He was driving his 56 Chevy to a car show, so I left and went up the hill to Uncle Gerald's house. We decided to go to Benny and Deloris's house to see them. Aunt Deloris has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks. She had surgery after a hole in her bowel was found. She looked OK.... But I could tell she was in pain. We only stayed for 30 minutes, then back to the house. Uncle Gerald made me eat dinner.... He had made some spaghetti, and roasted some fresh corn on the cobb! We hung out and talked for a couple of hours, then Doug, Tina, Garrett, and Wes came by. Doug really went out of his way, to help get the truck fixed. He works at the dealership, where it was fixed and did all of the work, as well as, getting us a $700 discount! After they left I told Uncle Gerald I had to crash..... The pictures are of the expedition, and my airplane!

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