Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


My darling wife forgot to set the alarm clock this morning, so I did not get up until 5:30! Jumped up and got my shower, then my cup of coffee. I had a dentist appointment at 7:00. Dr. Mike Wallace is a great man, and dear friend. I graduated with his older sister Angie and she is a sweetheart! We talk about Family, Vacation, Fight Club, Mountaineering, and just about everything else. I left his office and stopped by Starbucks to visit with my constituents. Oh yeah.... My morning Dark Chocolate, Cherry, No Fat, No Whip Latte! On to work..... I kicked it in gear and knocked it out! We ran to Panda Express at lunch, and then back to the grind. I swear to you this afternoon was the longest in my life. I am really tired and I caught myself watching the clock. We stayed until 4:30, then home to change clothes and head up to the gym. I was just going to roll a bit, but Coach Parker came in and we talked a bit. His class is from 6:00 to 7:30, but I was meeting Sherrie at mom's at 6:50. I told Coach, and Timmy Elliott that I had to bail at 6:45. I ran to mom's and then stripped down and jumped in the pool. I rinsed off then dried off. I changed clothes and Sherrie and I went to the concert in the park at Hafer. It was a Bluegrass band called "The Bonham Review!" It was.... Well lemme just say, I am not a big Bluegrass fan, so it was kinda like nails on a blackboard! We ran by the market then home to make a salad, and get ready for Friday! The pictures are a couple of old one's of Jordan, back when she was sweet and innocent! The top one was Christmas at Curtis' house in Atlanta 2004, and the bottom one was Jordan with Vinny and Rick from Orange County Choppers. That was at a bike rally two miles south of the house! I had the opportunity to visit with them several times over the weekend. They were great guy's!
Love you all!


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