Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010


Here in Edmond we have one of the top 10 Fourth of July celebrations in the country. We have a giant parade that starts at the University of Central Oklahoma and winds through downtown Edmond. Sherrie's friend Stephanie and her son Josh met us here at the house and we headed down to the parade. Luckily for us.... My buddy Jason Klinka goes down at 7:00am and gets a great spot. We met him there and had a great view. The parade goes on forever, and gets boring after a while. Unlike the last parade I was at.... No one was flashing anyone, and there were no beads. We came home and decided Louie's would be good for lunch, then home for a little nap! We ended up cleaning house, and the going to Travis Chyzy's house to watch the very disappointing fights. The pictures are from the parade!

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