Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010


Got up extra early and worked on Misty's pictures for an hour. Off to Starbucks then work. I kicked it hard core, then went to the doctor at 8:30. All of my labs that I had drawn on Monday were perfect, like there was ever a doubt!!!!! I went back to work, and then at 11:30 I went back to the mall and bought Sherrie the dress that I liked versus the dress that she bought..... I decided to get her the dress and then make her try both on and let mom and her friends help make the decision. In the middle of the afternoon I got a call from a reporter at the Oklahoman and he interviewed me for a story about the Quest, then we made arrangements for his photographer to come to the gym at 4:30 to take some pictures of me! We got busy at work but I snuck away. The photographer was there when I got there.... I put on my gym clothes then she shot 30 or 40 pictures. After she left I worked out hard for an hour with Mike Giroux. Today was Sherrie's friend Kristie's 40th birthday, so Sherrie cooked her dinner. Jodi came by to see Sherrie's dresses and guess what???? EVERYONE LIKED MY DRESS BETTER!!!!!!!! What does that say about my style???? Never mind don't answer that question. Anyway.... I need to get busy on Misty's pictures! Picture is of the fence at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

All my Love!


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