Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18th, 2010


I had a terrible night sleeping! Every toss or turn was brutally painful. My knee is about three time its normal size and I could just not find a comfortable position. I came in the living room at 4:00am, and found Jordan's friend Josh asleep on the couch! I had no idea he was even here! I went back to bed for an hour before getting in the shower. I worked on emails for a couple of hours before heading out to take Trey to school. I hit Starbucks, and saw George, and Erin.... When I got to work, I unloaded T-post and then went inside. There was a huge mess, due to the fact that the computer system was down all weekend! What a disaster! I did what I could.... Jodi was running late, and then when we ran out to get a sandwich at lunch, Jodi's daughters school called and Kaedyn was sick, so Jodi had to go get her! I ran Justin's stuff back to Vital Signs, and then back to work to continue working on the computers. After work, I had two loads of stuff to take to mom's for this weekends garage sale. All of the money we make on this deal goes towards Trey's trip to Germany! I continue to get inspirational emails... The fuel I need for my fire!

All my Love!


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