Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday, October 7th, 2010


Wow! What a day! I started out at 4:30 and headed out around 5:45. I hit Starbucks and then on to work at 6:00. I had to appear in Traffic court at 8:30 to dispute a failure to stop ticket. I plead not guilty and the was given a trial date. The officer looked at me like I was crazy, but I have photographic evidence that he could not see me stop! I went back to work, and then met my buddy Justin Booher at Louie's for lunch. Justin owns Vital Signs and he made me the worlds coolest banner for the "Quest!" I went back to work and at 4:00 I went to Weight Wise to drop off the banner. I ended up meeting with Dr. Broussard, and Sarah Evans.... They told me about a VERY, VERY Generous donation they (Dr. Walton & Dr. Broussard) are going to make to this years "Quest!" In addition to that they are going to donate their services for anyone I bring in as a scholarship patient! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?????? I wish there were words to describe how I feel about that. It really makes all of the hard work, all of the hours in the gym, all of the miles running, and biking are paying off. Weight Wise had a Nike Dryfit shirt made for me and they are donating bottled water with their label on it! They really have stepped up to the task! I love them all soooo much! On the other hand... I was told by someone very close that all of this "Quest" stuff was alienating me from people???? WTF??? I have made it a point to offer this to people, and if they do not want to participate.... No sweat! I understand, it's not for everyone, but Alienating???? I don't know! I got the lawn trailer and went and did mom's lawn. It will probably be the last time of the season, but wanted to get it done! I need to do mine, Ben's, and Riccardo's, in addition to the Edmond property, and the Midwest City property.... I have too much to do to let people get under my skin! I am attaching two pictures from my ticket. Top picture is the view from the stop sign, second picture shows where the officer was.

All my love!


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