Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 25th, 2010


Happy Monday! (or not) Got up and worked on my questionnaire/application, edited pictures.... Coffee, and news.... Same old routine! I don't change the morning up very much.... Don't want to throw off mu Chi! Anyway, dropped Trey off and hit Starbucks. Work was crazy busy... Mondays are like that! I ran home at lunch to get Jodi's bike that I brought home from the challenge. Sherrie and I had a salad, and wrap, then back to work! The afternoon continued to be busy! We left at 4:30, and I helped Jodi pick up a grill that she won at her daughters school... Dropped it and her bike off at her house, then came home and put on my riding gear. The wind was sustained at 25 to 35mph, and straight out of the south. The gym is 4.18 miles straight south of us. I jumped on my bike and rode to the gym. It was a real struggle to get there with winds gusting to 50mph! I made it!!!! Was there ever a doubt! I rolled with Mike Giroux for two rounds, then Tyler Griffin for one 15 minute round, then a new guy named Trent for about 30 minutes. It was starting to get dark so I jumped on the bike and rode home. It was so different riding with the wind Vs. against the wind! When I got home Sherrie told me the Doctors office had called and Jordan's Gallbladder has to be removed! MAJOR DRAMA! As always! Today, I have to find a surgeon and schedule that! Sherrie has to go enroll in next semesters school, and Trey has a strings festival tonight! Busy day!

Love you all!


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