Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday, October 11th, 2010


Well it was the beginning of what will be a very busy week. I edited pictures for an hour or so, and the took Trey to school. I hit Starbucks, then straight to work. I continued to get emails all day from the news paper article. I received some emails from people I have not seen in 20 years, high school friends, and old co-workers. It is really inspiring to read some of the comments..... Work was fairly busy in the morning.... Had all of the weekend clean-up to do. I had the lawn trailer with me, so at lunch I went to Home Depot and bought 25 bags or 50 cubic feet of pine mulch. I needed to weed and mulch all of the flower beds at the Midwest City building. The afternoon started to slow, so I left and picked up Brent. We started weeding, and mulching, and realized that we did not have close to enough mulch. We had to go to Home Depot and get 25 more bags of mulch. It really dresses up the place. I dropped Brent off and headed home. I ended up taking the trailer back to the Edmond building, where I have been storing it. It is nice to have all of my equipment stored in a large building and out of my way. I made a salad, had a shower, and then started working on the challenge. Sign in sheets, donation sheets, information sheets.... List of things to do..... I tried to watch a little football, but had heavy eyelids! A couple pictures of my smoking hot wife!

Love you all!

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