Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010


Dropped the kid's off and then Starbucks.... Off to work, where we continue to be busy.... I sent a text message to Ben Crocker today.... I knew he was off the rest of the week. He responded with, "Today is Kinsey and my three year anniversary, and we are spending it looking for a new house to spend the next three!" Congratulations Kinsey.... I don't know how you do it! We have had severe weather for the last 14 hours. Several tornado's, and lightning storms. Our kid's are so use to running to the tornado closet.... Trey keeps a flashlight and books in there to occupy his time. He is terrified of tornado's! At lunch I went over to mom's house and worked on Mike's Land Rover. I needed to get the broke side of the drive shaft out. The other night I think Ben and I were turning the bolts the wrong way. I pulled it off in about 10 minutes after I got set up. I wore two surgical gowns, and surgical gloves. It was wet outside so I put down a big piece of plastic.... I took the broken shaft to AutoZone, and the guy behind the counter said what is that off of? I said a Rover.... He said.... "Your F*&$#@!" I said what... He said call the dealer.... I did.... $930.00, ouch! I called Danny Howell and he hooked me up with a company here in the city that builds drive shafts, and they think they have the part I need for $45.00. I will go down tomorrow morning and see if they can help. I did see where the transmission pan was knocked out of whack.... Need a new gasket for that. When I got home from work, the weather forecasters were saying we had an hour window in the storms. I put on my spandex running pants and took off.... I ran my 5k circuit, which takes me through my neighborhood into Fenwick, and over to Penn, and then back..... I have not worn those running pants in sometime, and when I wear them there is nothing under them if you know what I mean..... I was 3/4 of the way back, and felt a breeze, my ass was hanging out! Thank God no one was around! I did the 5k in about 26 minutes which is way above my average. It felt great to get out there and lose myself! The humidity was 100%, and the wind was gusting in my face at 30mph, but I enjoyed it! Sherrie made breakfast for dinner, it was yummy! We have been watching coverage of the tornado's dancing around the state and I am sick of spring already! I am attaching a picture of the Thunderhead that was going vertical, and a picture of the Lillie's in my front flower bed!

Love you all!


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