Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


Tuesday was quite busy. Dropped the kid's off at school, and then hit Starbucks. Saw my people Erin, and Neo... As I have mentioned in the past I think I am the Mayor of my Starbucks. I actually pass two other coffee shops to go to mine! I ask Erin when she was going to take me to Spain.... She was raised in Madrid.... She told me she would take me as soon as she was sure there was not a warrant for her arrest! ;-) WOW! Funny story.... Nothing bad though! On to work where it has been ridiculously busy! At lunch Jodi and I went to Louie's and met Joy Brown! I have not seen Joy in a while.... She stays as busy as I do.... She has let her hair grow, and she looked great! Joy really wanted us to go shopping with her, but we had sooooo much to do at work. The afternoon was crazy! Jodi, Gaymarie, and I, went to a presentation on MRSA in Complicated skin structures. MRSA orMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus , is a deadly infection that in 2005 killed more people than HIV/AIDS. This infection is running rampant in hospitals, and can now be community acquired. MRSA can only be treated by two drugs, and once the have mutated to where these drugs are no longer effective, we are in big trouble! The talk was hosted by Pfizer drugs, who promote Zyvox. We use Zyvox at our hospital, and it is the last line for MRSA. Once MRSA mutates, it becomes VRE (Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci) This is essentially a death sentence in the elderly. When we use Zyvox we have to do a MUE (Medication Utilization Review) to justify the use. The drug is expensive, and we want to ensure it is being used correctly! The presentation was at Juniors in OKC. The wine was flowing like water, and the Salmon was wonderful. I ate like a pig yesterday, but I am happy to say... I weigh exactly what I did yesterday morning! We are expecting more violent weather today.... Sherrie has her last class of the semester tonight, and she has ask me to take her... I need to get the blades changed on my big mower, and then Trey has his orchestra concert tomorrow. Gotta get the day started! More random pictures!

Love you all!


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