Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


Dropped the kid's off then hit Starbucks. Erin was running late so I was chatting with her.... She is going to teach drivers education this summer. If you know anyone who needs drivers education this summer, here is your one time opportunity to get a great deal! Erin bought my coffee, which is very nice of her, but when I try to pay her back she always says.... "Let someone do something for you, and don't feel like you owe them something!" I'm still gonna get hers today! ;-) I went on to work and it was busy as usual.... Matt Lowrey has taken a new job with the ATF. He will be going to Georgia for two months, and then moving to El Paso, TX. Matt and I were best friends for 10 years, and then we had a small falling out over a woman. (Not mine) Long story short.... I regret letting that happen, and have learned so much from him, and that experience. He called me yesterday morning, and I was telling him what I needed to that afternoon. I needed to get the big blades changed on my mower, and Sherrie had her last final last night, severe weather in the area... etc.... He said bring the mower to me and let me do the blades. I ran to the house loaded the mower, and dropped it at his house. At lunch we had a presentation on a new antibiotic called "Doribax" it is a last line carbipenim, which means if you are getting Doribax..... You are very ill! The rep is Michelle Mason who I talked about last week. She is also a photographer. She brought in lunch, and although the sandwich was not bad, the cookies were off the hook! The afternoon went by kinda slow. After work, I ran back by Matt's to get the mower, and he was still under it. I said uhhhh hooo! He went over every square inch of the mower and replaced bolts, and tightened nuts, oiled, and lubed everything! No way I could have imagined him working that hard on it. It runs, and cuts like brand new. The weather started moving in, so I hunkered down and played domesticated house husband. I changed the sheets on the bed, did two loads of laundry, fed the kid's dinner, did dishes, took a shower, and straightened my bathroom. I have been wanting to get back in the gym, but my poison ivy, acts up when I sweat. We had severe thunderstorms all night, so no one slept very well. Trey has an Orchestra concert tonight and he is very excited. He has made such a dramatic improvement in the last three months. I think something just clicked. He now picks up my guitar, and just starts playing or we will hear him in his room on his piano. It's not even annoying anymore because it actually sounds like something! I am posting a picture of a little birdy I saw yesterday morning.... He was very fast, and I wish he would have give me some more time....

Love you all!


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