Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Happy May Day,

Sherrie has always celebrated May Day by giving her Grandmother flowers. I have never really celebrated it, but she does. Nanny is 78 years old, and will out live all of us! She is a crazy old lady... She is funnier than anyone I know, and Trey loves to spend time with her asking her questions about our family tree, and history. She loves him too.... Most of the grandkid's are too grown up to hang with Nanny anymore... Anyway, Had to take Jordan to work at 5:30, so I came back home got the lawn trailer, and headed over to Midwest City. I got there at 6:00am and started working on the hedges. The grass over there is coming in great, and choking out the weeds. I did litter control, and trimmed some tree's. At on point a branch came down hit me in the thigh... When it did it came through my pants, through my underwear, and into my leg. I was in some serious pain, so I cleaned up my mess and headed home. Took a shower and laid down for a while. Trey went to my mom's and Jordan went back to J&R's... So Sherrie and I went to the Edmond Art's Festival. It is inundated with photographers... I did not see anything being sold. I was going to be in this show, but it was going to be way, way, too expensive. I feel good about my stuff though, I may do it next year if things workout! We went to Louie's for dinner, and my buddy Randy was working... He owns this location by the house, and always takes care of us! :-) Randy is a big supporter of the "Quest!" I told him about my upcoming plans for Rainier, and Pumori, then Everest by 2013.... He is on board! Letters for sponsorship go out tomorrow. I am looking for 7 sponsors in the $500.00 range to cover the whole trip. The only equipment I will need is a new pair of mountaineering boots. Don't need anymore damage to my feet, and although I only got a touch of frostbite on one toe it still hurt! I went to bed at 8:00 last night, just exhausted! Have soooo much to do today, can't get my arms around it! Time to get going! The picture is Pumori!

Love you all!


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