Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16th, 2010


I have been vacillating about the "Quest" this year..... My goals were to climb Mt Rainier, and then Mt Blanc. Adding these peaks to my climbing resume, will make me more attractive to expedition leaders in the future. I received an email from my climbing guide buddy in Italy yesterday. Enrico and I met in Namche Bazzar last September, and he guides on Mt Blanc. He may have a spot open for me the second week of July. I am waiting on confirmation today from his office, but it is looking good. That means Mt Blanc this summer, and then a trip into the UK... If this happens fund raising will have to begin immediately! I had an idea yesterday, that I will start with... 24 hours of physical activity. I would walk, run, and bike for 24 straight hours to raise awareness to obesity in America, and get people to pledge money per hour. I will need a ton of help! Please call or email me if you can help. I will be assembling my team this week. In the book I am reading I came across a paragraph I want to share... "The prodigious mass that is Everest seems to hang in the heavens. It is supported aloft, not only be an imposing base, but by some unseen, unmistakable force. No photograph, film, or videotape I have seen comes close to capturing it's magnitude. It is indescribably huge, and it's preeminence has as much or more to do with its spiritual dimension as its physical dimension. It transcends the physical and simultaneously the metaphysical. There is such a presence to the peak, that it speaks directly to your soul. There, it moves and touches you, deeply!" "Quote from "Everest to Enlightenment" by Alan Hobson. Picture of Mt Everest by me!

Love you all!


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