Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, May 7th, 2010


Well Friday was a longtime coming! Dropped the kid's off at school, then hit Starbucks! On to work.... As it has been lately, mornings are very busy.... I came home at lunch and got the mower and took it to the shop! I was asking the mower fixer guy, how long he thought it would be, and when he told me a week and a half to two weeks.... I lost it! No way I can be without my mower for two weeks! I came on home and made some phone calls. I got a guy who told me what I needed to do, so I went back and picked up the mower.... I told the guy, that I had to try myself, because of the time involved. He was cool with that! We had VIP tickets to Katt Fest 2010. There were 10 bands playing at the Zoo Amphitheater and the show started at 3:39pm. The weather was very nice, and the first two bands were local guys.... The second band was Violence to Vegas. Jordan knows the lead singer, and so it was cool to see them. Other bands were Hell Yeah, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Seether, and Three Days Grace. Sherrie knows the drummer from Seether. His name is John Humphrey, and he lives here in Edmond. He comes in her store all the time and brings her autographed tour merchandise. We got to hang with him for a little while. He seems like a pretty cool guy.... Very down to earth. It was cool when he was on stage, he set two chairs up behind his drum kit, and his little boy's sit back there and play air drums! We left as Three Days Grace was coming on stage... I was beat! I am posting a couple pictures from last night! I did not take a camera but my friend Ursala snuck hers in... It was a cheap point and shoot, but I got a few shots! The first picture is Jacoby from Papa Roach. He came out in the crowd, and the second is Jordan talking to her friend Jake... He is the lead singer from the band Violence to Vegas.

Love you all!


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