Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 10th, 2010

Namaste & Happy Mothers Day,

Did not sleep well due to the poison ivy! I itched all night! Working outside all day and sweating did not help, so I got up and took a bunch of medication. The steroids I am on keep me wired anyway! They also make me eat like a pig, but I have actually lost 10 pounds in the last couple of weeks? I was up and ready for church, so I grabbed the camera bag and drove out to the lake. It was windy and overcast so there was not much moving. There were a few Scissor tail Flycatchers, and a few deer, but didn't get anything good! Went on to church, and Sherrie met me there.... I came home and took some drugs, then passed out for an hour. Sherrie cooked a Mexican fiesta for lunch. Sherrie's mother, and my mother came over for lunch. I went out in the garage and put the new pulley, and new belt on my mower, then cut the lawn. We are going to have severe weather the next two days, so I needed to get it cleaned up! Came in and pretty much vegged out the rest of the evening. Sherrie has finals tomorrow, so she worked on algebra until late last night. We have a busy week.... Something every night! I did finely get some checks in, which means I can hire some help this week! :-) I am adding a couple more pictures from the concert, and a bird from yesterday morning!

Love you all!

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