Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010


So after a very long day yesterday, we went to bed early. I woke up at my usual 5:20 and had a cup of coffee. Just relaxing when Sherrie came in the living room, and said "Hey tough guy, let's go for a run!" I was up for that so, I changed into my running gear and we took off. We did a three mile run, then walked another mile or so.... When we got home, I mulched the front three flower beds, then put out 50 pounds of rye seed. I had to come in and get ready for church. We worked in the parking lot then into service. After church, Trey and I headed to mom's house to continue breaking down the old fence panels. We filled up her three dumpsters, and the loaded up the back of the truck. We had to cut all of the wood into 3 foot lengths to get them to fit in the dumpsters. 4/5 of her old fence is broken down and removed. Trey worked harder than I have ever seen him work. He is so motivated to work right now, with his upcoming trip to Germany. After we broke down all the fence we could... We replaced the transmission pan in Mike's Rover! It was a real pain in the butt! Some of the bolts were directly above the exhaust! Oh well, what are you gonna do. I came home and had to break down more fence panels and get them in our trash dumpsters, and the I hauled off the post. There is a spot out in the woods, where people take trees, and wood, and whoever owns the property burns it... The gate is always open and I have dumped there several times???? Sherrie cooked some tilapia for dinner, and I have drank about two gallons of water. I took off my shirt at mom's and got roasted. I am getting ready to take my third shower of the day! Danny Howell called me and there are a couple other parts to be replaced on the drive shaft, so I will have to track them down tomorrow. Sherrie has to work overnights this week, so she has been resting most of the afternoon. We are leaving for Tennessee Friday after the kid's get out of school, so there is a lot to get done! Picture of Trey, his best friend Herman, and Sherrie at Dealy Plaza in Dallas. This is where JFK was assassinated. Hermans mom is from Spain, and they are leaving for Spain tomorrow. They will be gone a month...

Love you all!


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